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All art!

You may, or not, have noticed that my image problems have been solved! Hallelujah! Thank god for young people who know what they are doing! This morning I walked to the cathedral, yes, indeed, a cathedral! There was a Mass going on, so I sat quietly in the back until my phone rang! Now my new non i phone is as quiet as a mouse, but not during Mass! It was SO loud. Totally embarrassed I snuck out to answer! It was my dear friend, from twenty five years ago! I was not aware that people worked on Sundays! They only have Friday off! Bit of getting used to! 

I caught a taxi from the cathedral to the museum of modern art, which cost me 150.000rials! I nearly had kittens, until I realised it was just under $5 ! Oops! I gave the taxi driver too much money, but he gave it back, went through my wallet and explained in his language that I gave him the wrong money! As the entree to the gallery was the same and this man spoke English I could ask him how much it was in U$ indeed only three dollars!! Phewww! This money is not for the faint hearted, the good news is that I am a millionaire! In rials that is.

The Museum for modern art was an absolute gem. There was an exhibition on of  Ali Akbar Sadeghi, indeed it did not mean anything for me either. At the entrance I met a lovely woman who spoke excellent English and who explained a lot to me. Fascinating stuff! Amazing building as well. I felt inspired, and was ready to paint!! Instead Fara shouted me a drink! You wouldn’t believe it, but they had MOJITOS at the cafeteria! Okay, so it was Iranian , not Cuban! ( no alcohol) Still deliciously refreshing with lots of lemons, and yeah, sugar!!

This sums up how I feel about technology!! Good night to all!


Money matters

The hostel was found after an hour and a half ride from the airport. My taxi driver’s English was limited, but he starts at five in the morning till ten at night! This humbled me enormously, I complain after three hours of work! I didn’t realise the Khomeini airport is more than thirty kilometres from the city centre. The drive took forever. I was so incredibly tired couldn’t keep my eyes open, I also couldn’t shut them as I didn’t want to miss anything! ” I am in Iran” this mantra kept playing and playing. It is true , I AM in Iran! Traffic is mad, like rice, my taxi driver said, you must be quick! But it all flowed.

The hostel is situated in a small side street. It looks very humble from the outside. I received a lovely cup of coffee, which didn’t counter act the fact that I was, after 44 hours of being awake, dead on my feet! Check in, room keys. A lovely room two single beds, plain, but very clean. Toilet and shower next door. I thought I would have the energy to have a shower, I didn’t. Put gadget on charger, two prongs popped out which I didn’t need! Pushed them back in while converter was plugged in! Bad idea! Auch! A BIG shock! Okay, now I know for sure, without sleep I am stupid! Let gadget sort itself out I am going to sleep!

Breakfast is included. Lovely crispy sort of bread. Must ask what it is called. Feta cheese, cucumbers and tomatoes. With the tea, fill up your mug with hot water, very strong tea sits on the top, wonderful! Started to draw the lounge room. Spoke to the lovely Mahsa at the front desk, she is an artist too. She protested against women against wearing the scarf. I forgot to put mine in this morning! Oops! My mistake. On the eight of March there will be a BIG rally against the restrictions of women. Shame I won’t be here. Seems like something worthwhile to protest against!  Women wear mainly black, which is a tad depressing. I hope to buy a red manteau, a sort of long coat! To wear over everything. I had a big walk to the square where money changes hands. Long, long queues. Oops! May be the money gets given away here? Ah, these are Iranian people WANTING dollars or Euros. I was allowed in immediately, and without any proof of identity ( forgot to bring my passport) was allowed to change my money, or some of it, I am travelling with an enormous amount of  cash, as Visa card nor master cards are not accepted here. ( ban comes from visa and master NOT from Iran) on the way back to the hostel, I wandered into a lovely cultural centre where my face book page got solved. I needed an extra app to by pass the restrictions that the government has put on Facebook. I still can’t post photos or anything else on Facebook so bear with me on that one.  The same here on the blog, my media insert does not work at all! Today I woke up at 5 am, mind you I was in bed at 3 pm. The old bod is no longer what it used to be! I didn’t sleep all the way though, few hours in between I was awake. Dreaming about what I am going to do today! Hopefully visit the art gallery and the big bazaar. I will keep you updated. When stressed, carrot juice AND. Chocolate chipped ice cream!

Awesome combination for an upset stomach!

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