Amasra is a gorgeous seaside town, with an old history. It has a ruin of an old castle on the top of the hill. A small Christian church with frescos, which I couldn’t see as the church was locked for renovations! Lots of markets, and local Turkish tourists! The two harbours are interesting. Their is a small harbour, with less people, and boatbuilders right along the black sandy beach. The large harbour was crowded, over priced and unattractive, but it is where the yachts were, the expensive hotels and the great restaurants. I spend the first day relaxing on the beach. Swimming, although very tempting in the warm waters, was impossible for me. There were so many jelly fish floating about. Since my full facial attack by a Portugese man of war jelly fish, while holidaying in Tonga, I decline, thank you! I rather stay on the beach in my comfortable chair. The centre of Amasra is not very big, and all the narrow streets are filled with markets, selling kitch to tourists. Nothing fabulous was found, and no money was spend by me. However the Turkish tourists were determined not to take any money home with them. Fascinating to watch, shame there was no space anywhere to allow for people watching. The second day I climbed he hill, played in the castle remains, and looked for the Christian church. The narrow alleyways were reminding me of a past long gone, but still traces to be seen every where. The third day I took a boat trip around the harbours, which in high season is a six hour trip. This includes stops and swimming, but due to it being low season the trip was only five dollars and forty five minutes! If this is the low season, I would not like to be here in the high season! The place was absolutely packed.
Three days did me fine, and I moved on to Inebolu, where I was going to have my very first couch surfing experience! Being new to couchsurfing, having tried this in Ireland, very unsuccessfully, I decided to try again, after the young man in Safranbolu suggested it!