Day nine~9 May 2015
Puente La Reina to Cirauqui
started @ 11.00am till 2.00pm ~7.6 kilometres (3hours)

I so enjoyed the Hotel, I just didn’t want to leave at all! Check out time was 12.00pm and I was very, very, tempted to not check out at all , but spend another day and night in these arms of luxury! I just felt re born, human again! Anyway I walked around the ciudad de Puente La Reina, it is just gorgeous! Went to the old bridge and I to he tourist office! Took lots of photos down near the river of this gorgeous old bridge.A young girl who saw me take photos asked if I wanted a photo with me in it? Her name was Judith, and she was from Budapest, Hungary. I walked on to the next bridge to take photos of this old Roma bridge. Stunningly beautiful. There was a whole lot of motor bikes, like I mean hundreds of large motor bikes. So I stood near the crossing for quite awhile before I could go across the road. A man with a dog like Pablo was waiting at the other side, we met up near avert old church and started chatting. His name was Marcus and he was born on the 25 of April. He had just turned 64 years old. All this info in the first half hour,he walked with me to the next village on the top of the hill. His dog got something wrong with his hind leg, plus I made it very clear I was not one iota interested in anything remotely romantic! He turned around soon afterwards, with lots of good byes, advice and smiles. In the mean time Judith had caught up with me again, and when I told her the story of Romeo, she had a good laugh, she is just so lovely. Her feet are full of blisters, but she is asking me all the time if I am all right! I was ready to stop in the next village, but the auberge was closed, and it was only a few kilometres more to the next village. Here we found a lovely auberge, in a stunningly, gorgeous little town. As soon as I had my bunk bed, the top this time! I booked dinner for the night. I normally don’t, as it is always too much and too late, the dinner was delicious, and of course I ate too much, to only feel sick for the rest of the night! Getting in and out the top bunk was such an ordeal! Unbelievable. Met a lovely man from Byron Bay, intelligent, handsome and very interesting! His name is Peter, born in Germany. He talked while I was drawing the church and later we ended up at the same table. Due to my very upset stomach, I didn’t t sleep well, nor did I want to hang around in the morning. I ended up on the road at five o clock, it is getting hotter during the day as well, so the more walking I can in the first hours of the morning the better!

Today’s lesson; just listen to yourself!
Today’s gift; Meeting Judith from Budapest, Hungary