DAY THIRTY NINE, 8 June 2015,
Leon to La Virgin del Camino,
7 Kilometres~ less than two hours walk

My head cold has reached horrible proportions. All I want to do is hide under a blanket and sleep! I took the Sudafed and just slept for over three hours. I didn’t even go and look at the church! Today I didn’t even take any photos! Unheard of! Feel bloody awful, can’t stand this Camino any more and I am so over all this crap. My nose keeps on running, coughing all night long, chest on fire and a fever, and no longer fun to be with! Hm! My body trying to tell me something?

I left my old Keens at the home for the people with a disability. They need very little work done to the may be they make somebody happy! I would love to stay in bed for the rest of the week, preferable with the blankets over my head! Lock the world out! And never ever walk again!

Today’s lesson: REST
Today’s gift: Sudafed