DAY THIRTY TWO, 1 June 2015,
rest day today

As there was plenty to see and do in Carrion, we decided to stay an extra day! All I wanted to do is stay in bed and read! Lucia needed to buy some shoes as her bunions were so very bad! Also socks and plasters. So me sleeping, reading and resting, while she went shopping. Finally I got up to get brunch and Lo and behold who would we bump into but Wilfred, Libby, Vita and Bernar!
As we shared a brunch and a few beers, they all left to get back to their Albergue in the sticks, while we went on to hear the nuns sing int he evening! It was stunningly beautiful! Amazing Grace brought tears to my eyes!

We had also bumped into the German guy, Peter, whose feet were one big awful blister! He was catching the bus to the next place! He was a strange man, seemed lost and lonely. I feel for him! I also feel this Camino is getting harder and NOT easier!
I now have a sore throat and a chest infection! Oops! Probable because of the smoking I did the other day! Too much partying and not enough walking! Hmmmm! It is also a sign of my body telling me that it is tired! I have been on the road now for over eleven months. Putting an exhibition together is hard work, let alone doing it in an incredible short amount of time! May be I should have just walked this Camino BEFORE going to Africa! Yeah, living in hindsight is really easy!
Anyway an extra day of rest, with the gorgeous nuns singing and I am ready to go on!

Today’s lesson: I need time out, from walking and people
Today’s gift: Amazing Grace from the nuns