The Tatacoa desert.

The trip from Tierradentro to Tatacoa, was rather uneventful. A lovely young couple from Germany, whom I had met yesterday, also travelled in the same direction. I had planned to go to Neiva and just do a tour! According to this young couple you could get out all the way into the desert in walking distance. They were right.  I found a lovely simple, but functional room. Then explored the surroundings.

The next morning I was up early and went exploring. I ended up walking for two and a half hours through a lunar like landscape. It was a labyrinth, full of twists and turns. There were supposedly dinasour fossils to be seen, although I got lost several times, I never got to see them. The solitude of walking in this weird and wonderful place was awesome. Only birdsong to disturb the silence. I didn’t attempt to take photos just sat down and listened. Magic , just magic!

The hottest part of the day was spend in a hammock with a Spanish book! Just practising my reading. It was a book about history in South America. Very easy to read! Must do this more often! Late in the afternoon, after several nana naps, I explored the desert from the end point backwards. This time I got completely lost. I met a wonderful family from Bogota, who were also looking for the fossils! Well two and a half later it was getting dark and still NO fossils! We gave up and returned to the starting point! By now it was dark!! Not a good place to be! We made it safely to the end, but only just! Tomorrow Popayan.


Tierradentro, San Andrés De Pisimbala, Colombia


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  1. Richard Green

    Que intrépida !

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