Ah! The Gambia! What a relief to be able to speak English again! I think the first day I spoke to literally everybody in the market! To the extent that people started to give me free gifts! To shut me up ; may be; but they did tell me it was because I was so friendly! Gambia is a very small country; surrounded by Senegal! I stayed in the capital; Banjul; for a few days. I made a day trip to Jufereh and James Island; of Roots fame. I was told by everybody I met; that you couldn’t go there on your own. This was of course sufficient for me to make sure I DID do it on my own! It was a rather long trip with the local bus; quite an experience. This time there were chooks on board and two goats on the roof top! Jufereh and James Island made me rather sad; but I was glad I went there: I must re read Roots as it has been a long time since I have read the book. From the capital city I went to Senekunda; a large fishing port. Very touristy and a lot of sex tourism. This means that the bumpsters constantly harass; for money; sex; drugs without the rock and roll! I had a lovely hotel where there was a fully operational swimming pool! So I read; swam and read some more! Bliss! On the way to Casamance border; I met a young peace corps worker; who invited me to visit her little village. Since I was just regretting not having seen the rural aspect of The Gambia; I jumped at this change! I spend two days in a very remote village! What an experience this was!