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Pretty Palomino.

On the second to last day in Tayrona, I decided to go to Palomina. A small village about an hour away. As I walked to the beach I saw a sign saying, ” dreadloks”! Since my first visit to Africa I have liked the Rastafarian people, peaceful and loving. No war would ever be started by a rasta! Never before my hair has been long enough till now! I was already half way there, my own dreadlocks started to form. Anyway, on the spot I decided that that is what I would do! Get dreadlocks.

Carmen and her husband, Fabian, run a small artisans an shop. Friendly, hospitable and extremely capable, I ended up spending more than eight hours here. Carmel chatted away, most of it much too fast. I could grasp what she was talking about, if she only would have slowed down, I might have understood her more!

How come my rasta friends never told me it hurts?? And it takes literally HOURS to do! Carmel started at about at eleven and finished five minutes to six. I had discovered that I didn’t have enough money on me, but promised that I would come back early the next day. That way she could finish the last three locks as well. As I was running to the bus, as the last bus left at six o’clock, and no other options to get back to the hostel, I saw it drive by. I was too late! I had to run yell for a motor taxi and yell the famous line ” follow that bus”!!! Ah Colombia, how I love Thee!

Palomino itself is full of shops, hostels and backpackers. It was chokkers! I am so glad that I stayed at El Viajero. Here in Palomino the beach was crowded, dirty and lots of hustlers. Nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to stay here. Mind you, to be honest I saw most of the Palomino life from Carmen’s shop! She started on me at eleven in the morning, after I came back from the beach! Finished just before the last bus left!!

Also nearby is El Rio, another backpackers place, a party place. All the young ones would go there for the evening. I stay away from places like that, because, although I have dreadlocks now, I am a boring old fart!!

El Viajero, Tayrona

Of all the places I have ever stayed at over the last thirty years of my travels, this back packers resort tops them all! It is without a doubt the best, and I mean the BEST, place I have ever stayed at! It is a resort, a resort at back packer prices. There is the beach, framed with coconut palms, a surf, and lots of hammocks. Then there is the pool, oh, how I loved that pool! Cool, blue and inviting

The dorms are brand spanking new. Large, spacious and with eight bed, plenty of room for each guest. The shower is open to the sky, and although the water is fresh and cold, it is an absolute delight on a hot day. I booked myself for three nights into the all women dorm. Then asked for two nights more, and another two nights, okay, while I am at it, just give me two more nights. After nine nights, I finally got myself up from the sun bed, and went on my Lost City adventure.

Only to come back afterwards to spend four more nights. It was like coming home. If it wasn’t for my broken tooth that needs fixing ( soon!!) I would have stayed on as a volunteer!! Many young people do! Most of the staff have adopted me, as I have adopted all of them!

This place is magical, mesmerising and I could have disappeared here for ever! The staff is kind, helpful and extremely friendly. Hugs every time they see me, which is a custom in Colombia. The call me by sweet names, mi amor, mi vida, mi corazon or princessa!! Most of the time the young ones address me with ” mami”!! I just love it. As I have stayed two weeks here, I am part of the furniture.

The restaurant food is delicious and reasonably priced! There are no shops nearby, well, there is a supermarket in Buritaca, good twenty minutes walk. The food here is so delicious, that when I make the right Keto choices in the morning, I can go all day on that. There is a bar near the pool, yeah, I know, my down fall! But most days I stick to two beers only. As the water I carry gets heated up by midday, I need a change! There are events, Bon fires, live music nights, volley ball tournaments, and salsa classes. My preferable options was going to bed early most nights, so I could be up early and enjoy the quiet of the place.

Ah, to be able to stay here! How wonderful this would be! But it is time to move on. I have booked my flight to Bogota. Art galleries, dentist and being cold again! I hope to do all this in the next five days, and then I will fly to Leticia, for my next adventure, the Amazon in Brasil! Life is great, just great. I am so grateful to have good health and the money to experience all of this. Colombia is definitely one of my most favourite countries, and it is the people you meet on the way, who make this experience so incredibly special.

I thought I had it all worked out! Coming back a day earlier from my hike and adding an extra night had me all confused in the end. Catching a plane to Bogota on Thursday, I thought I was on the ball starting to pack at two in the afternoon. I finished my book and my beer. Time to move a tad.

When Marley, one of the staff walked into the room looking completely confused. I was meant to check out that morning. I explained that I had added an extra night and I was checking out the next morning. Duh! Saturday night plus three more is check out on Wednesday, NOT Thursday! There went my lovely good bye dinner I had promised myself! I finished packing in a hurry, which I hate, paid my bill. Then sat down at reception to work out where to go to next! Hm.

I didn’t take photos of the staff and lovely volunteers on my I pad, only on my camera! It was hard to do ANY kind of work he Really! I lost hours and days, easily done while you are in paradise!


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