Welcome back to all my ” blob” followers! I just found several ” blobs” I have not published. Often it feels like homework! While travelling I draw my diary, take notes to remind myself of what I am experiencing, but to also update my ” blob” is often just that little bit too hard! As I am going away this time, for six months, I will attempt a regular update.At the moment I have this ” Alice in Wonderland” kind of feeling! ” I am not in Kansas anymore”! I had my first ” strange” reaction, to wearing a headscarf, as I tried to stay under the required 7 kilos of hand luggage for Tiger airlines, which by the way now also includes women’s handbags!! I wore my winter top and headscarf as every little bit helps! ” you’ve got a nerve, stepping in the lift with us” this man said in a very nasty way. I have to admit, it took me by surprise, and not knowing what to say I gave him my ” drop dead fast” kind of look which used to result in me being send out of the classroom as a child. I am proud to say the ” LOOK” still works, he blushed!

diary day one

After spending some time with my gorgeous son and his beautiful wife Katrina, time moved fast. A quick visit into Adelaide, to the new Royal Adelaide Hospital to say good bye to a dear friend ,a look at the Convention Centre’s Art, a walk to the Art Gallery of South Australia, an expensive and small cup of coffee, and delightful new life news from another dear friend, I flew to Sydney. In case people didn’t know, I had quite a nasty fall with my bike, on the rail road tracks ( again) so by the time the plane landed, I was stiff and sore and not able to lift my arms up to collect my hand luggage! Sigh! Thank god for kind and friendly people. With a little help I could put on the back pack. I am sure the collective thought was that it was time I got a case on wheels. Hm. I am considering this as I write. I just missed the train to Central station, due to the young woman texting in front of me while stopping every third step. Just a short wait. At Central Station I missed my train by just a minute, due to the same problem. People going in all directions, a young woman texting, obviously something rather important, people coming up the stairs, no way to pass her, every third step she stood still! Hm. I don’t often feel like pushing people down a stairway, but I was having this fleeting thought, may be I could just give one good push? An hour wait for the next train to Newcastle. I went for a delicious coffee and raisin bread down the stairs. Read the paper and the hour had passed. Michelle was waiting at the Hamilton station, and we walked home.