As soon as I arrived at the Old Bridge Backpackers in Maun, I asked if I could make a boat trip into the Okavango Delta. Dear Henry’s answer was “sorry, NO boat trips into the Delta as the water level was too low!”
This is what this “i know everything better” Canadian girl told me in Livingstone, Zambia. Shame, she was right for a change! (there are so many of these young chicky dees on the road, they know every thing, and also they know everything better!) Ah well, such is life. Henk, Rone and I had looked forwards to doing a day trip on the quiet waters of the Delta. Not to be. Two things I had wanted to do, visit the Kalahari desert and have a trip on an old boat in the Delta. Shame, neither was possible!I went on with life painting an enormous mural on the wall of Hendrik’s new backpackers in Maun. It has been run down for over two years and he has made it his life mission to change this place around. Together , Rone and I, managed to finish this enormously BIG mural in only two days!! I used Henri Rousseau’s “dream” painting as my starting point, and used his way of stylising the animals.

I was paid with food!! Hendrik took us out each night to different restaurants. Although the Indian food was absolutely excellent, that we ended going back twice! How blessed am I? I was craving to paint, and here was my change!