The dormitory had only three beds, and no bunks! For ten euros a night it was an absolute bargain, especially since I had two nights by myself. The first night was spend with Rachel, a lovely girl from South Korea, and the last night with Candy, from China. Candy, whose real name is unpronounceable, was a Chinese version of myself! Artistic, talkative and one big ball of energy! I finally got it! Why people get tired of me! It is lovely to be with somebody with such enthusiasm, but totally exhausting. candy was on the Silk Road and had just arrived from Iran! She had no problems what so ever and found the people friendly and hospitable. She also told me that if she has nasty experiences, she forgets about them! Could lead to follow! She had travelled through Africa with a tent for six months, and turned her blog into a book! Now she is a published author in China and writes a travel blog, takes photographs and gets paid to travel! This young woman has it made! What about a travel log for the oldies? The grey nomads? Outside their comfort zones? Hm! Worth thinking about! Anyway I came to Safranbolu for one night and I ended up staying for four. Could have stayed longer but I feel rested now so I can move on. I visited every attraction in the little town, spoke to all the people several times, made friends drank tea, and saw everything worth seeing. Didn’t do any of the tours as I find them expensive and often not worth the money spend. Amass is the next place I am going to and this is on the beach of the Black Sea!