Ah Etosha! I booked another tour with the wonderful Wild Dog tour company. Three days to Etosha the famous National park in Namibia! It is about 500 kilometres from Windhoek, give or take a few hundred! We had a lovely group with Young people, who were fun and cheeky! We arrived at our first camp around four o’clock in the afternoon, set up our tents and left for our first wild life drive You wouldn’t believe it but we were barely in the park when we saw our first rhino! I was so excited! I have spend a week in a rhino sanctuary in Uganda five years ago, but my big dream was to see them in the wild! I met this German lady who went to Etosha the weekend before and saw not even elephants! It is real wild life not a zoo, so it is not predictable what you will see! So my wish for the rhino was fulfilled within the very first five minutes.

We didn’t see the pride of lions, but we saw lots of giraffes at the waterhole, when giraffes drink they are so incredibly cute! They need to spread their legs and in this awkward position they need to take little sips! Of course this is when the animal is at it’s most vulnerable, and lions do have a tendency to attack the giraffes while drinking. There were many baby giraffes. I still think they might be my most favourite animal, as they actually look at the tourists with utter curiosity, wondering probably who we are and where we come from!

there was a large family of elephants washing them selves with white sand, so I can say that I know where the White elephants are! A very large family of female elephants with babies in different stages of their development, walked passed and crossed the road right in front of our bus. One baby was only about one month old and so incredibly cute. It is wonderful to see how the whole family protects the babies by surrounding them so they walk on the inside of these huge animals. Aunties, mothers grandmothers their main task is to protect the little ones. If only our society would do this eh.

Zebras were plentiful as well, I love those horses in pyjamas! May be zebras are my favourite! Hm. Let me think about this. The zebras in Etosha are different then the ones I have seen before. These zebras, who have a name I promptly forgot, have brown stripes in between the black ones. Like a shadow.