And so the days do pass. Slowly but surely , minute by minute, the time has been filled and the moment of saying good bye has come. Suddenly realised that my adventure is now starting for real. Mixed emotions, I want to stay here and re connect with my beautiful daughter. I want to stay here, because it is known, and I feel safe. I want to stay here , because I speak the language, know the money and it is HOME!n

what can one call these small attacks of excitement and anxiety? Anx-itement? Ex- ciety? Do you know how difficult it is to make up words on an iPad? Autocorrect kicks in immediately, telling me I am wrong! Never have I been more right. These are the same feelings as when I used to start a new job, knowing full well I am capable and  knowledgable, at the same time I feel like I am only little, and somebody, someone should hold my hand! Preferable my father! I used to feel so safe as a child, holding my father’s hand. Mind you, my Dad was NOT. Traveller, so he would not sympathise with me on doing this. One of my last conversations with my Dad was when I was on the way to Africa, for the first time. I was going for twelve months. ” but WHY?” He would ask, totally bewildered . ” Why do you want to go and travel THERE.?”  Because it is there was not qualified as a proper answer, I didn’t know what to say. He never realised that it was him, borrowing the National Geographics from the library, that opened the door of my mind to this wild and wonderful world of ours! ( hey, is that where www. Comes from?) today my gorgeous dad would have turned 94 years young. Where ever you are papa, I am wishing you a very happy birthday! And I am going to Iran, because I can, and it is there and I am so curious! Let the adventure begin! I am READY,