Day SEVEN 7 May 2015
Pamplona to Zariquiegui started @5.30am till 9.00am~10.8 kilometres
Today was NOT an easy day! Had another lousy night at the Jesus y Maria auberge. A group of young peregrinos, couldn’t are less about the fact that they were not the only ones in the world, let alone in the hostel. A young girl with an incredible irritating giggle, kept on going on and on. Look, I have no problems with young people wanting to enjoy themselves, there is a time and a place however! Right next door there was a bar, why not go there and enjoy the whole night? Rather then in The dorms where a lot of older people are trying to get some shut eye after a day of hard slog. As soon as they stopped , way passed twelve o clock, the man next door started snoring. By now I was feeling murderous. Would this be a crime of passion? I mean seriously, exhaustion and sleep depravation are torture practises in Guatanamo Bay! At four. In the morning some idiot walked into or dropped a whole bunch of walking sticks, money and or backpacks. Again the irretating giggle. By now I was definitely going to kill something or somebody. When the guy next door started his snoring again, I had had enough. I had a hot shower, in the toilet for the disabled, found out that this toilet was huge, the shower hot AND I was able to move around in it! Which by the way was not at all possible in the tiny tim toilets and showers for a led bodied people. I did wonder how the fat people managed to shower in those small cramped spaces! Anyway, I discovered I had somehow managed to get a very deep cut into my heel, painful, nasty and didn’t add to the negative space I was in. I stormed out of the hostel at 5.30am an hour before my usual walking time. It was dark and incredibly cold. My foot killed me, and I could do with a hot coffee. Stomping all the way out of Pamplona, through the industrial area, did not make me feel much better. After about three kilometres I found a sign of a panedaria, where often coffee gets served as well. I had a chocolate croissant for breakfast and to top of this decadence a chocolate covered biscuit! Which just for the record, made me feel I’ll for the rest of the day. By the time I got back onto the road again, it was like high way number one, so many pilgrims, I like the early morning wanderings, watching the sun getting up, the sky changing its colour slowly, and the solitude of my meandering mind. It was nine o clock by the time I reached Zariquiegui. The sun was up and it was getting rather warm. My inner child rebelled, and wouldn’t go any further. I booked myself into the auberge, and within half an hour, I was fast asleep. A hot shower helped me to scone myself again and I sat most of the early afternoon in the sunshine, just dreaming away. I had another afternoon nap, and by the time I went to bed at nine pm I felt remotely human again.