Day sixty, 29 June 2015,
Santiago de Compostella to Castelo
12 kilometre~three hours

Left Santiago early about 8.00 am, but had breakfast around the corner! So really I started at about nine o’clock! It was only a 12 kilometres walk! Three hours only! No big deal!
The Albergue was still closed when I arrived! I had booked ahead, which wasn’t really necessary. However, I am glad I did. I was still not feeling a hundred percent. I was so fed up still not being well. Over it not feeling a hundred percent.

Julian the owner was a bit full on, pushy really. I was in the dormitorio and he is telling me which bed to take! Anyway went to sleep and relax, until these Italians came in and talked on the top of their voice So! I really don’t understand people any more! It was obvious I was sleeping and this man is talking on the top of his voice on his smart phone! Well,go outside! Or sit on the road or what ever but respect other people’s right to privacy! Unbelievable! Anyway Julian was going to take me to the river when two very hot and bothered young people walked in! The Albergue only had one bed left! I suggested that I take a private room which gave these young people a room in the dormitorio, as one of the people was my Camino grand daughter, Vita!
It was a BIG mistake! The lovely looking bed was invested with bed bugs and I never slept the whole night!

Anyway he took us to the river we swam and returned to the Albergue. The pilgrim’s dinner was pitiful. Very small uneventful AND he was the first person to charge us for the wine by the GLASS! Unheard of on the Camino!
After the sleepless night I told him about the bed bugs and he basically told that I had brought them in! What an arsehole! I never ever even unpacked my bags!

Today’s lesson: not everything that glitters is gold
Today’s gift: the swim in the river