Day SIX 6 May 2015
Zabaldika to Pamplona started @ 7.30am till 10.30am~8,5kilometres

After the very simple breakfast, I donated 25euro to the donation box(one was asked for donations only!) I went on my way. My best walking gets done early in the morning. I prefer not to have breakfast walk for two hours and then have a break. I started an hour later than “usual” and had a beautiful walk through a narrow path. It was all down hill today which was great! Phillippe passed me after an hour, and he sung the beautiful Ultria song for me as a parting gift! It was such a beautiful gesture and he has an amazing voice. I walked until I came to the old bridge, of……….. Where I took lots of wonderful photographs. At the foot of the bridge wondering where to go, I saw Judith, and she showed me that her book told her that there was a more beautiful way along the river! We walked together for some time and met Felix, a man who grew medicinal plants. We chatted for a while, looked at all the wonderful plants he was growing, and went on our merry way. I needed a toilet break, and wanted a coffee. There was a sign, directing us of the path. This lovely couple told us it was still closed and that we were only thirty minutes out of Pamplona! Judith and I could not believe this, we gained a second wind, and indeed! We were in Pamplona so incredibly fast! We stopped at the old Magdalena bridge, and were approached by some Jehovah witnesses! Hallelujah! We all ready have our own religion! While we were sitting there enjoying the wonderful sunshine, Laura arrived! She had send her pack ahead of herself, and was walking without her pack today! Not at all a bad idea as the back and should are playing up! We arrived at the Jesus and Maria auberge, where we could not yet have our bed! However the friendly man from last week recognised me and let us put our packs in the lockers! Great! I took Laura and Judith to the tapas bar ,Ole, where the three of us shared a wonderful plate! Then checked into our beds, and I slept for a few hours! In the afternoon I sat in the plaza with a beer drawing the casa municipal. Had a spaghetti with Roquefort sauce, and went to the camping store. Still no leggings in my size, ah well, I don’t really need them! Worked in my diary, didn’t want to e mail, and since the Spanish guys next to me are so loud, and talk and laugh so much,I can’t yet go to sleep! I showered in the disabled shower! Was fabulous! Spoke to a doctor from the states, one year older than me! She had climbed Mount Kilimanjaro! People are just so lovely on the Way! Such a blessing and special gift! Awesome!