Day 57, Arzua To Pedrouzo,
started @ 5.15am arrived @11.00am~ 19kilometres

It all started, again, with three Italians swing light into my face at five o’clock in the morning! What is it with Italians and LIGHT? Are they THE light? Do I need to SEE the light? How come they are always MEN? Trying to pack their packs? Can’t they pack the night before? How come I can pack with NO light? How come they wake up so early and then they arrive AFTER me? I don’t get it! Anyway, I am working on tolerance, hard to achieve at five in the morning! But the up side of this is that I was in the forest on my own at six o’clock in the morning! Just for about five minutes there was a group of five Americans, in their latest “travel fashion”, obviously started in Sarria as they were clean, crisp and roaring to go! Also LOUD! Had I seen any arrows this woman asked me, while chewing loudly on her gum! Eh, if you stop shining your light in my face, I can actually see an arrow right behind you! Duh! Here they were in the forest, it is quarter to six in the morning, three of these women had music blaring on their gadgets, while the others were talking on the top of their voice! I waited until they were out of sight, as I prefer to listen to the sounds of nature! There was a small creek, babbling along side of me, the birds starting to wake up, frogs in the distance and a cookcook far away! The air was scented heavily with honeysuckle. Being in nature this early in the morning, and on my own, is like being one with god! Here and Now god IS! Well, it is to me!
It was an easy walk today, no strain what so ever I had my luggage send on, as the hair
Iine crack in my hip was playing up something chronic!
I am living on pain killers right now, shame really. Only one day of walking left, and that is an easy day as well. I hope to be in Santiago on Sunday morning, after only about four kilometres walking, I should be at the cathedral, early and fresh! Libby arrived yesterday, by bus, and I hope she has an hotel booking for Sunday. I will stay the one day and then go onto Finisterra on Monday. To atone for all my sins omitted on the Camino! Such as catching a taxi, when I pulled a muscle in my foot, was sick with my stomach cramps, and when Lucia and I went to Pondeferra. By walking the extra 90 kilometres I should have made up for my “failings”! What to do AFTER the walk? Jose has booked my flight to Ireland as I couldn’t pay for the trip on my gadget WHY is this so? Hm! Apple?
Anyway I am going to walk the Wild Atlantic Way, at least part there off! Better book my flight to either Zagreb or Istanbul as well! The earlier, the cheaper it is!