Day fifty four, Ferreios to Gonzar,
Started @6.30am till 12.00pm~17 kilometres

Had an early start today. Felt good. Had a restful sleep, and the pain in my knees had sort of gone. Not all the way but much less than yesterday. The dormitorio was rather quiet. The place was brand new. Shame they put in these crummy showers! Ah well, not necessary to complain!

Today the weather had changed. It was much cooler, with rain even, albeit not much. It was too hot wearing my jumper AND raincoat. So I had to change a few times, before it felt right! Most of today’s walk was up hill. I had promised myself to do better than yesterday! It felt good and I set an easy rhythm for the day. The landscape again was stunningly beautiful, it was a pleasure walking through the forest, listening to the creek below. Lots of birds singing away, glad that the heat was gone for a day! Met some lovely people on the way. Walked a while with an American lady who lives in Andalucia. Her mother had only joined her in Sarria, she was 68 years old, but when her daughter told her that I was nearly 65 she was not at all impressed! I was much fitter and younger than her! Made me feel good though!

I was glad when I reached Gonzar, although I had planned to climb the big hill this afternoon, as it was cool, I decided to have an early start tomorrow, and tackle the hill when rested and fresh! I hope to be in Santiago on Sunday so I can at least catch up with Libby before she flies out on Monday morning!

Today’s lesson: Listen to yourself
Today’s gift: No back ache