Day fifty three, Samos to Ferreiros,
Started @ 6.30am till 1.00pm
Had my luggage send onwards, much too far
Ended up having to take a taxi

One of the most beautiful walks. After walking along the road for a while, the Camino turned into a forest. Along a small creek, bright green bracken and dappled sunlight coming through the leave trees. I lost most of the other peregrinos quickly and walked mainly alone. Most of the walk was going up and down but there were no deep ascends or descents.

After about three hours I reached a small cafe where many other pilgrims were sitting down. I decided to have breakfast here. I met up with Marius and his. Father Gregor again. Also this strange Dutch woman, who constantly wants to know where I am going next, who constantly refuses to speak English, or who thinks I understand Dutch! Weird! (Which of course I do, but how would she know?)
Just before I reached Sarria I met up with Remy and Natalia. I met both of them on the monastery tour in Samos.

Today’s lesson: stop having expectations
Today’s gift: unexpected visit to the monasterio de Magdalena