Day fifty two, la Faba to Samos,
One of the most beautiful walks yet!
Woke up early and decided not to have breakfast! The walk was stunningly beautiful. Through forests, creeks running, birds singing, tranquillity, peaceful and totally alone.
Today was one of my best days. I was happy and content to be on the Camino, there was no problems in my mind, my body was holding out, and although my knees decided to play up, all was good. Slowly, slowly got me to Samos. A very small and tiny village with an enormously BIG monestario. I stayed in a private Albergue rather then at the Monastery. Mainly because this Dutch woman I keep bumping into, wanted to know if I was going to stay there! She drives me crazy, one of these clinging people, who cannot be alone! Great! But I am NOT one of these people, so leave me alone! Some people just NEED to be with somebody ALL the time! Pete was like that! Driving people crazy and away in the process. Or may be it is me who is the one who is strange, wanting to be alone all the time! I like my own company, my own thoughts. I don’t need to constantly tell people how far I have come, how many kilometres I have done or want to do. She asked me every time she sees me, where am I going to? Where am I staying? As answer I just shrug my shoulders and don’t even answer her any more!

Samos was absolutely gorgeous! When finally got there’s! There were several villages I came through that were not at all on my map! I actually got lost , for the first time! There were several ways to go to Sarria, I ended up in a three house village where there was something going on, a fiesta? A funeral? The three people standing next to a table with candles, told me it was only one, three and five kilometres to Samos! Shame there was not a Albergue here! I could have joined them in their wake, fiesta or what ever they were having!