Day fifty one, La Faba to Biduedo
Started @5.30am till 12.30pm~21kilometres
4 kilometres straight up to O Ceibrero

It was not a peaceful night. Martha, the Austrian girl, had nightmares all night long. The overweight German lad snored his head off. Nina tossed and turned above my head! And at five o’clock, the Canadian put his headlight on, right into my face! Great! He needed top pack his whole backpack, most of it in plastic bags! Do you know how much noise these bags can make? Unbelievable! Then the two Dutch women joined in! I tried very hard to bury my head into my pillow, and by a quarter past five I realised I wasn’t going to get any more sleep. I was up and gone within ten minutes? It is then that I realised that I am highly organised! All I needed to do was put my sleeping bag away, nighty and brush my teeth, which I did outside at the town Fuente, the town pump!

I was on the steep high road at exactly five thirty. It was a cool and crisp morning. Barely needed my light. The ascend was steep. The woman at the drink stand told me yesterday it was only one kilometre of steep ascend and then it was all flat and downhill from then on. She lied! It was a steep ascend for over four kilometres. However the stunning landscape made up for the hard slog I had to do! It was stunning, green mountains, wild flowers galore and such a variety of birdsong that it was just amazing. I walked on my own for about two hours, when finally the Canadian and the two Dutch women caught up with me! They barely said hello, which was fine by me. I am working on being tolerant and kind, but shit it is hard to do when it is five o’clock in the morning!

I took awhile to do the steep ascend, but as soon as the ground levelled out, my speed increased and I was walking in a wonderful and easy pace. I reached Fondria at about twelve o’clock , but the casa rural was booked out, and the man asked if I could wait awhile before his sister had time to ring a casa in the next village. I couldn’t do another eight kilometres, but three was all right. His sister booked a room for me, and off I went on my merry way! It was lovely and warm. I know all the perigrinos call it HOT, but it isn’t it is about twenty five degrees and absolutely wonderful. I rather walk early and in the sunshine then in the rain, thunder and lightning.

Arrived in Biduedo at about one o’clock. The lady of the house Cecilia, is gorgeous, and my room, with private bathroom is delightful! Albeit it could do with a good clean though. Everything is a tad greasy, the friendliness and helpfulness made up for it. Had a lovely hot bath, shaved my legs and just indulged in the luxury of being able to walk around naked in my own space! hallelujah for the simple things in life! the bath water looked like mud by the time I finished my luxury indulgent past time. Unbelievable rich I felt!

Today’s lesson: I am highly organised!
Today’s gift: Casa Xato in Biduedo