Day FIVE 5 May 2015
Zubiri to Zabaldika, started @ 6.30am till 12.00pm~13,5kilometres

People woke up at five o’clock in the morning! I am not quite sure why or what for, but they don’t seem to start the walk straight away! I tried turning around and going back to sleep, my whole body seems to ache! In the end I got up and started my walk with early, only to find that I left my walking stick behind! Returned to the auberge, picked up the stick, people still fart arsing around! Hm! Interesting. In the end I started my walk at my usual time, this is 6.30am. I love the early morning time, seeing the daylight coming up, the oneness with nature, the communion with God. The young German man caught up with me and we walked a while together. He had planned to walk a much bigger day than I had planned hence we went our own path! I had a lovely breakfast in a small town, wonderful coffee with chocolate filled croissants! Just what my inner child wanted! Delicious! The walk was beautiful. Both Laura, from Canada and Judith from New Zealand passed me on the way! We seem to walk similar distances per day and we keep bumping into each other! Judith was ver funny, she told Laura that “we slept together in Roncevalles”! I asked Judith if the earth moved for her, as I didn’t remember our night together at all! We all had a good laugh sat in the lovely sunshine and enjoyed the moment! I was glad to reach Zabaldika as my hip joints are giving me great trouble! Hm! Must start doing the stretches!
Zabaldika turned out the best night ever! There was only us four, Laura from Canada, Judith from New Zealand, Yvonne from New Castle New South Wales and our yoked man, Phillippe from France and of course moi! We couldn’t get in to the dorms until two o clock. I just sat in the sun, trying to get over the joint/ knee/ and back pain! Actually my whole body pain! At two I had a very hot shower, deep heat all over, rest on the bed! Second hot shower before dinner. There was to be a mass first! Moving was so difficult, but I climbed the old, narrow tower of 1377 to ring the old bell, to call the people to mass. It was all in Spanish, and the kneeling was hell on earth, so was the sitting and the standing for that matter! After the mass we had a delicious dinner, lentils, Russian salas and fruit for desert, wonderful smooth wine to go with it all and wonderful company! After dinner there was to be a pilgrim’s blessing which was delightful. We were asked WHY we did the Camino, and what were the gifts we had found? Because we had such a small group, it was all very intimate. Another hot shower during the night, and in the morning I was able to move again!