Day forty nine, Villafranca deal Bierzo to Trabadelo
Started at 8.30am till 1.00pm~12 kilometres
Took the Camino Dura,
the high road in the mountains

The best day on the Camino, four hours of absolute solitude!

Had an early start ! Was stunningly beautiful! NO other pilgrims on this road! I walked, played, created, and sang on the top of my voice! There was literally no body else on the path, for over four hours! Unbelievable! I loved every minute of it! I sat down amidst the wild flowers. Left little notes on stones! This is how I had imagined that I would be able to walk the Camino! Yeah I know! A bit naive really. However, when I get glimpses like HOW it could be, I get all tears eyed. To walk the Camino without other people! Of course totally impossible, but a woman can dream!

It was without a doubt the best day yet!

Today’s lesson: smile, and the whole world smiles with you
Today’s gift: Solitude