DAY FORTY SIX, 15 June 2015,
El Acebo to Molinaseca
7.30am till 10.00am~8 kilometres
The morning was fresh, crispy and stunningly beautiful. The mist was slowly clearing and the sun shone its first watery rays onto the cold landscape. Today most of the road was descending. We had thought that may be we could walk all the way to Pondeferra, if possible. It didn’t rain today which was an absolute blessing as the path was covered in slippery stone, uneven and all ready difficult. There was a big road nearby, but due to the heavy fog, I thought it would be much saver to stay on the pilgrims path, rather than risks our lives on the highway in the fog.

It was an absolutely stunning walk, not too hard or too strenuous! We could have walked on, but Molinaseca was such a delightful little place! We had our lunch there , looked at each other, and said let’s stay here! So we did! It is our last day together as Lucia is catching the bus to Madrid tomorrow from Pondeferrada. We found a gorgeous room here in a private house. Sat and did some drawing, and had a gorgeous meal at the river side next to the church. Such a beautiful place!