DAY FORTY FOUR,13 June 2015,
Santa Catalina del Somoza to Rabanal de Camino,
Started@ 8.30am till 11.45am

A beautiful walk. We started very slowly. Hot shower, breakfast, hot water and mint tea.
My stomach seems more settled. Feeling good. Starting out slowly. Soon the sweat is dripping into my eyes. Time to strip off. The landscape has changed again, mountainous, more broom, and heath. The Camino runs next to an old road. It is not a main highway hence very, little traffic.
It didn’t take long before I got into the rhythm of walking. It was such a perfect day. Lots to see, and it didn’t take long before we came to the next village, where the cowboy welcomed us with open arms! The man was quite rude at first, but until he had answered my question if he was well, I would not let him serve me! Muy bien! Todo Estes bien. Ah! Life how fortunate we are.

The second half of the trip was easy too. We ended up here in Rabanal, where Ramon, the volunteer welcomed us with open arms. Lucia did the signing in, and she booked a double room! Wicked!
Very a hot shower, and lovely beds.
When we went to have some lunch, Ramon heard about my stomach upset, he gave me a drink that would cure me ,if it didn’t kill me first! But I managed a potato omelet and a glass of white.
I feel on top of the world and I have booked a twenty minute massage as well. Life is good and God is great! At seven o’clock we went to the Vespers at the local church. Gregorian chanting. Stunning. A walk through the village, a hot chicken soup and hot shower. Pilgrims blessing is at 9.30pm doubt if I will be awake by then!

Today’s lesson; LOOK
Today’s gift: The stunning landscape