DAY FORTY THREE, 12 June 2015,
Astorga to Santa Catalina del Somoza
Started @ 8.00am till 11.45am~ 12 kilometres

(Was not able to ring, not enough credit?)
The day started slightly rough, with some dear desperate pilgrim taking my walking stick! I had put my bag ready and was waiting for Lucia, so we could have breakfast. I nearly took my stick to put with my bag, decided not to, and voila, somebody else needed it more! My stick was quite different from any of the others, but by the look of the ones that were left behind, the “thief” had the better end of the stick!

On the way out of Astorga, we came across a gorgeous little chapel, Ermita de Ecco Homo XVII. It had a Fuentes with water that had healing qualities, if one believed! The Ermita had a lovely feel, and I felt so close to papa for one reason or other. I sat down and prayed. I didn’t drink the healing water, as my stomach bug had only just got better!

The landscape has changed completely, slightly more hilly. Beautiful and interesting, a lot of bushland. I kept thinking of Denise Thiem, the Chinese American lady, who disappeared, while walking the Camino, on the fifth of April. If she was murdered, one would only find her by pure fluke. She disappeared just outside Astorga.
The walk was easy, my stomach cramps seem to have eased off. I feel much better. We arrived in this little village, Murias de Rechivaldo, where we sat down in a gorgeous little cafe. The owner, an absolutely lovely woman, and a naturopath made me fennel tea and gave me ginger to chew on during my walk. On the way there I came across a young man from Germany, who was in absolute agony with a pulled hamstring. I gave him the last of my deep heat, and was glad to see that he ,too, made it to this little shop!

Most pilgrims one meets are very kind and caring, which is why it is such a big shock when people deliberately take stuff that isn’t theirs, such as my walking stick or my jumper.

We walked for a little while more and stopped at the first Alberge in Santa Catalina de Somoza, where we took a lovely double room with private bathroom! Luxury plus!

Today’s lesson: let the food talk to you
Today’s gift: let the food talk to you