DAY FORTY ONE,  10 June 2015
Village de Mazarife to Hospital de Orbigo

Heavy rain and thunder and lightning
started @ 8.00am finished about 11.45am
I was soaking wet, so the time was not at all important!

What an amazing day! Heavy thunder and lightning to start of with. Scared the living day lights out of me. In the end I just started my mantra.   Here and Now~God IS! It was just amazing. The green maize, opened its leaves to let the rain in, I just saw it grow, go greener and smile at the heavens.
The frogs sang an opera just for me! It was just amazing. I felt so alive! One with ALL of creation! The rhythm of the rain played music on my plastic poncho hat. I had bought one early that morning just as an extra cover as the rain looked like it was going to settle in for the day. Lucia bought the same one, yellow, we looked like bananas in pyjamas! After a while the rain stopped bothering me, I just got in the rhythm of the walk. My increased fear of the thunder and lightning, which increased after my New Year’s Eve near death experience, paralysed me early in the morning. I wanted to cancel the walk, but this weather had been predicted for the next three to four days. After a while I was able to walk, being one with all, Here and Now I am in God and God is in me! Just totally amazing! As I got more and more into my powerful mantras, the fear dissolved into nothingness. I like to think forever, but will face that as it comes. My bronchitis of course got worse, at one stage I coughed so much I ended up throwing up at the road site. Two lovely American ladies stopped to see if all was right.
I arrived in Hospital de Orbigo, found the instructions a tad confusing for me, and asked a postie the directions to Hostal San Miguel. As soon as I entered the woman owner helped me to take of my poncho, rain coat and shoes! She was so sweet, she planted a stool in front of the open fire place just so I could warm myself up. All was soon forgotten. After a hot shower and a dive under a warm blanket, I slept like a baby. When I woke up we went out for a lovely lunch. Gorgeous place. Had a great pilgrims meal. A bottle of wine was had by both of us. But somehow I paid a price for this fish meal. Did I eat too much? Too fast? Was the wine too sour?

Today’s lesson: face your fears, and they dissolve
Today’s gift:       hot fire to dry shoes and clothes