DAY FORTY, 9 June 2015,
La Virgin deal Camino to Villar de Mazarife,
started @ 6.30am till 11.15am~14,5 kilometres

I do not remember much of this walk. It was not easy for me. Although the Sudafed had dried up the mucus somewhat. I was still not my old self, and still not enjoying the Camino as yet! In an ideal world I would have stopped for a week or so until I was feeling better. I know that most pilgrims walk this whole Camino under forty days, but I had made a conscious decision to take sixty five days, one day for each year of my life! I know that this puts me into the catogory of ” fake pilgrims”, by most of the people I have met, but I couldn’t care less! One of the things I decided to do on day one, was to ENJOY this experience to the fullest! And live it with ALL my senses.

Henry David Thoreau wrote;
” in my walks I would forget all my thinking and obligations to Society.
I want to walk, I want to return to all my senses,
be “Here and Now”.

In Villar we stayed with Tio Pepe, a lovely Albergue with a great atmosphere. I didn’t do much, sleep, quiet. Visited the church and since there was nothing else to do, just slept some more!

Today’s lesson: stop judging people
Today’s gift: sleep