Reliegos to Mansilla de las Mulas
this had not been the plan, we stopped much earlier than planned,
feeling sick, bronchitis coming up. Coughing like mad.

It was an easy and very short walk to this gorgeous little place. It had a fabulous museum, an ethnological museum. It was worth visiting. Without a doubt it was one of the best museum I have seen so far!
Contemplation of beauty brings you closer to god! We spend the day having brunch at a lovely cafe, looking around the town and caught a mutual taxi to Leon!
Where there were shops and bought myself a hot pink new jumper, as the mornings and evenings are still very cold! We bumped into Kiki from Norway, who told me it was ridiculous to buy a jumper as I wouldn’t need it any more! How wrong she was! We walked around, found the house Gaudi built and designed. I bought a necklace with a scallop shell, from the artisans a market. There was a lot of musicians in town and we came across a practise session just outside the cathedral! A party in town?

Today’s lesson : ALL IS ONE
Today’s gift: Ethnological museum, just the best!