DAY THIRTY SIX, 5 June 2015,
Calzadilla de Los Hermanillos to Reliegas,on the alternative route,
without luggage,

It was cold and miserable when we started off in the morning! As we had left our back packs behind, we were treating ourselves today, the taxi would send our luggage on! Lucia had not packed her rain coat and neither did I. But at least I had my warm jumper on, she had not bothered, as it had been so hot the day before. We really need to be prepared, the weather here changes so incredibly fast! We had another Roman road to walk on, again very hard, rocky, cold and wet. But again with less peregrinos! I was hard slog! I don’t know the amount of kilometres we did today as I didn’t have any information about this alternative way. We just slogged away. Step by step, hoping for the end.

In Reliegos we stopped for brunch and I lost my expensive jumper and Lucia her walking sticks. I had hoped a pilgrim might have dropped them into the cafeteria, no such luck. This I find amazing. If you are a pilgrim, how can you take something that is not yours? Hm. Ah well, bad karma indeed! We had a meal in the Elvis bar, not too clean, and the food although plentiful was awful! This was one of the lesser days. In the end all the days blur together but this one was definitely in the no fun day box!

Today’s lesson: be prepared
Today’s gift: The rain didn’t get too heavy