DAY THIRTY FIVE, 4 June 2015,
Sahagun to Calzadilla de Los Hermanillos
started @ 7.30 am till 12.00 pm ~13 kilometres
hard slog as we took the old Roman road

The morning started of well. Leaving Sahagun, after the bedbugs drama, was not at all hard to do!
It was a cold and crispy morning, we had not much to walk, but the road we had taken was not at all an easy one! It was either the old Roman road or walking next to the highway. We choose the old Roman, much less peregrinos, but the uneven surface of the road made for hard walk. Many rocks, uneven surface, no shade, it was only thirteen kilometres but it was certainly hard slog.

It was hot very early on, and the walking without shade, cafeterias and extra water was hard to do! About six kilometres outside of Calzadilla de Los Hermanillos there was a water fountain for feet and drinking! Much too late really! Would have been better if it had been earlier on. I was exhausted and at one stage I thought I could sneak a photo of Lucia, I fell asleep instead!

We were hot and bothered after only a short amount of kilometres. But our Albergue was lovely and there was nothing to see in the very little town, so a hot shower, a nap and a very cold beer, not necessarily in this order! Still, it was a lovely quiet walk , without the thousands of other peregrinos!

Today’s lesson: one foot in front of another!
Today’s gift: I was able to kill the one bedbug in my bed!