DAY THIRTY FOUR, 3 June 2015,
Calzadilla de la Cuenza to Sahagun
started @ 5.30 am till 12.30 pm~ 23 kilometres

Half way point from Roncevalles to Santiago
(this means I passed the half way mark sometime before!)

I danced most of the way today! It was an easy and early start! The walk was next to the highway which I don’t really like very much at all, but sometimes there is not much you can do about this except just laugh and dance! The first few hours were beautiful. Each photograph I took was a painting! Then, as It got hotter and hotter, I had to walk next to the highway.

I missed the half way point as it was across the highway and I actually could see the town ahead of me! I caught Lucia just before going into town! We stayed with the nuns , where they had the most unfriendly volunteers! After having had the friendliest in the last town, this was a tad weird! This woman really hated her work! Hm? Why would you volunteer for something you didn’t like? I have no idea, but don’t do things you don’t like , it makes everybody feel un comfortable!
I met this Dutch woman, she was really nice, she shared our four bed dorm. Also Kiki from Denmark, but she was less nice, barely spoke to us. A very strange acting woman. Anyhow, also four Irish women were staying with us as well.Carol, from Galway, was lovely. We kept bumping into each other, and had quite a few drinks and lots of laughs together. They had seen us at the singing with the nuns, and Carol appreciated the video I send her of the singing nuns with Amazing Grace. We sat in the square and tried lots of different tapas and bars. It passed the time! Later, when churches and musea were open, we visited the church for the peregrinos and collected my half way certificate! hallelujah! I am now counting down! It is all psychological! Sahagun is a lovely town with lots to see and do, but after 23 kilometres, I had very little intention to walk any more!

Bedbugs for Carol and Lucia!!

Today’s lesson: Stay positive
Today’s gift: ONE with ALL