Carrion de Los Condes to Calzadilla de la Cuenza,

started @ 6.00 am till 10.30am~17 kilometres

Today I sent my backpack ahead! It was a long stretch, the meseta, hot, long, no water and absolutely no shade! Due to Lucia’s poor feet, she caught a bus ahead to the next town! The meseta was unbearable to walk in new shoes, no shade nor water!

It was like highway number one! So incredibly busy! Unbelievable! There was no escape, no tranquility. A good way to learn how to find peace in the market place! It was an extremely boring walk, no where to rest, stop or go to the toilet! I was fortunate, I was fast today! Stopped in the Albergue, where they had the friendliest hospitalero! I had a nap and visited the Roman Vila in the afternoon! I was the first visitor in four days! Oops! It is four kilometres of the Camino, but by taxi rather expensive! Not one of the other pilgrims was interested in sharing the taxi to go and see this Vila. Of course it was not as impressive as the villas I had seen in Jordan, but still it is part of the history from Spain, so I am glad I took the time to explore this museum.

The rest of the time I sat in the shade and slept a lot!

Today’s lesson: staying in the HERE and NOW
today’s gift: I saw the whole world in a wild flower today