DAY THIRTY ONE, 31 May 2015,
Villarmentero to Carrion de Los Condes
started @ 8.00am till 11.30am
10 kilometres~3,5 hours

I left on my own early in the morning, walking next to the water way. Lovely warm morning. Stunning yellow irises next to the creek. It was a flat piece of walking and so I gained momentum very fast. I just walked and walked. Till I met an open cafe in the next little village. There I had breakfast, and bumped into Henrietta from London, whom I had met several times before. She is an amazingly fast walker, so it had been only snippets of interactions that we had had.

We enjoyed a breakfast together and waited for Lucia to show up. This little town, Villalcazar de Sirga, had a lovely church and lovely sculptures! A much more interesting town then the one street town we stayed in last night! We looked around and took lots of photos. I had an enormous hang over, all the fire water started its damage! Also coming to Carrion de Los Condes was gorgeous. It was hot, very hot, and most of the path was along the highway! Boring as anything. In Carrion we asked the way, and this eighty year old man, walking faster than the both of us together, was going to show us the way! His daughter showed up and he was very cute! He had to do this job first!

Libby and Wilbert came to Carrion, so we caught up for a beer! It was lovely and warm!
We talked, laughed and overall just sat in the sun to enjoy the company and the day itself!

Lucia went to her very first pilgrim’s mass, and was very enthused about it! I had my special experience in Zabaldilka, and didn’t go to another one. Mainly as one than makes comparisons , and each and every one is unique! I just slept, to get over my hang over, and read, as I found a REAL book, a murder mystery in English! Ah, God is good and life is just great!

Today’s lesson: just put one foot in front of the other
Today’s gift: the gorgeous little old man, who became our guide