DAY THIRTY, 30 May 2015,
Boadilla to Villarmentero de Campos
started @ 6.45am till 12.45pm~15.4kilometres
two long breaks

It was another good day, although the walking didn’t flow as wonderfully as yesterday. I am starting to realise that this Camino is just like life itself. Some days are good, some days are not so good, some days are just awesome and some just awful! I tried to book a private Albergue in Villarmentero de Campos but the woman told me she was full! Just outside the village I met up with Henrietta from London, who had also booked at the private Albergue, Lucia and I just went to the one and only other place in this nothing town! Albergue Amanecer. Lo and behold but who would I find there? Libby! She had disappeared so fast I thought she was nearly in Santiago! Instead she had stayed here and relaxed! It was so great to see her again! Fabulous! In a hammock, wine and sunshine! We caught up and chatted all day! In the evening Jesus made us a very special drink! Pure undiluted fire water! It was an amazing day!

There was a man there the spitting image of Hassan! Not only that, the music that was played was “our” music! How is this possible? Let it all go! I was so relaxed! Had I been on my own, I too would have stayed here for two or three days! (Or just for the rest of my life?) Wilbert,  the Dutch volunteer, made an amazing breakfast! Home made bread! Ahhhhh! Life is just so incredibly great!

That night, Peter, the German guy and Bernar, the Hungarian, played music, and we all sat around and drank, laughed and talked! Most of the pilgrims went to bed, and so did Lucia.
I laughed so much that night! I even smoked! Oops! A sign I had too much to drink! So much fun though! I really liked Jesus, a very sexy Spanish man! None of my photos turned out as they were all out of focus! Oops! But so much laughter and fun! I met Vita, from Lithuania, she is really too old to be my adopted grand daughter, like Libby, but she begged me to be her “Abuela” as well! Jesus wanted me to adopt him to! I am not quite sure in which capacity as he is well into his fifties!

Today’s lesson: Let it go!
Today’s gift: Meeting Libby again!