DAY TWENTY NINE,  29 May 2015,
Castrojeriz to Boadillo deal Camino
started @ 8.00am till 2.20pm~17 kilometres
We had a long break in between!
The first five kilometres a steep ascent

We had decided to ring the albergue in Boadilla and book our accommodation for tonight, as it was Lucia’s longest day yet. We had decided that she could always call a taxi if the need arose and she could not go on! When I rang the albergue, Eduardo told me he could NOT book nor hold a room! Okay! Small problem here, as I am an old woman with a friend who might not able to go fast at all! Suddenly this young man tells me that he will make an exception and he will hold the two beds for me!

It was one of these gorgeous mornings, with the sun starting early, making a promise of a lovely warm day. I took the first half hour for taking photographs in the village. The stunning early morning light made the small streets extra special. The hospital of the soul was all ready open and I went for an early morning prayer and meditation. I also took some more photos. The first two to three kilometres were up a rather steep hill. Easy does it! Lucia was going to start later and I felt full of energy and love. I met a lovely American/ Mexican woman, whose name was Diana, a lovely Scotsman and a woman from Kentucky. At the end of the steep hill there was the delight of a stunning view and mini rest, before starting the decline. Met a lovely sexy Brazilian man, who was strolling down the hill with his hands in his pockets! I don’t mind down the hill so much, I bend my knees and lean back a tad and she’s right! At the top of a medium hill, was a lovely man selling coffee, fruit and juice. Very smart idea as everything in Castrojeriz was still closed at 8.00am! In the first little place, Diana and I stopped. We had met for coffee and had a chat.

When I went inside to order some breakfast and find a toilet, a man at the bar said to me!”oh, what an incredible energy you have!” I laughed and told him to come back after I had my coffee! As it was he was sitting at a table near me! There was white stuff floating around every here , like in Logrono. It looked like snow! I got very excited and chatted to Diana about snow! Then Fernando, a Canadian from Portuguese decent, started chatting about the fact that this was his second Camino! He had been given the gift of writing and had divorced, sold all he had and after this Camino is going to the South of France to write a book! As he left, he told me I was pure “light”!
And then proceeded to tell me that this was my first lifetime as an adult and not be too hard on myself! My mouth fell wide open, and I told him, “I know this, but how do you know this?”
He smiled at me and said ” I know that and so much more”!

I looked at Diana and burst out in tears! Then I told her a condensed version of my experience on the 10/10/1994! She also cried! When I got ready to walk on I nearly danced onwards and upwards! I was ONE with the whole Universe. Songs kept bubbling up and over. The plants waved at me and sang with me! The birds, the flowers we were ALL ONE!
Diana and I walked for a while and then I took off. Met beautiful Shirley from Kentucky on the way and after a sort chat while climbing another hill, I went on. The day was gorgeous I felt so incredibly alive and happy! Then suddenly there was a field chokker block full of bright red poppies. Of course the poppies have been in flower since I started, but this was special. I threw off my backpack and stick and climbed up! I wanted to throw myself onto the ground but didn’t want to squash the flowers! I cried, I stood there and cried for so much beauty!

I had to slide down on my bottom as the bank was much too steep to come down any other way! This gave me the giggles for the rest of the way! I lost all track of time or of how many kilometres I still had to do. Suddenly I was at my end destination! It was so un expected and sudden that I was totally confused! But indeed I had walked the whole way with ease and although I had taken a rather long time it was one of the best days yet!

Suddenly there were messages from Lucia, she was not able to catch a taxi from her small village and what did she have to do now? It was hard to answer with the dreadful signal, messages to and fro were not received. I suggested she start to walk slowly and I would see if I could organise something on this end. Eduardo, my adopted son, took the car as soon as he had a spare minute and went to pick her up! Eduardo explained that he never ever books people on the same day! And how wonderful for us that he done so!  I felt terrible! I no longer seem to worry about accommodation, food or what ever, as I believe that God will provide for me. He has done and will do till the day I die! But this is not yet the case for Lucia, and although she is strong, independent and capable, I still felt responsible for her well being!
Luckily all was forgotten very soon and after a hot shower and a very cold beer all was well. I have been incredibly tears today, not sure WHY! I suddenly understand the message in the bible about the virgins hiding there lights or letting them go “out”! One needs to be oneself in ALL circumstances! An absolutely awesome day!

Today’s lesson: We are ALL ONE!
Today’s gift: Fernando’s message that I am pure light!