Day twenty two, 22 May 2015,
Ages to Burgos,
Started @ 8.00am~walked 9 kilometres to Cardenuela Rio Pico
Due to pulled muscle in the top of my left foot took a taxi to Burgos!
Could NOT walk one more step!

Started off early enough, it was cold but dry! Walked quickly to Atapuerca, where I had hoped to stay and see the archeological site! I arrived in the lovely village very early and all was still closed. After breakfast it somehow seemed more appropriate to walk on, rather than spend a day in the cold, looking at old bones! I do regret this now! As I started to walk on after breakfast, my left foot went into severe cramps and spasms. Terribly painful and no idea why. Until I thought back to waking up very early in the morning and do some stretching of my body, it felt as if I had “snapped” a muscle. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but as the cold and walking went on it became more and more difficult to walk. To top it all off , on the top of the hill, my right shoe snapped! I had anticipated the fact that my dear old sandals might not be able to handle the Camino, as I have walked on them daily for over a year! Still I was shattered! I DO thank my lucky stars that I had bought new Keen’s in Viana, and had been walking in them for at least two to three hours a day!

The weather was still cold and miserable, but I did see a shepperd get all his sheep out of the paddock and had three dogs helping him! Very interesting to watch. I thought I had video taped it, but no such luck, as you are supposed to press a button, otherwise nothing happens! Duh!

Today’s lesson: do Not force yourself when in pain

Today’s gift:  Skype with Michelle