Day twenty, 20 May 2015,
Belorado to Villafranca Montes de Oca
Started @ 8.15am to 12.45pm~(12 kilometres)~4,5hours

Started at 8.15am and after a few false starts, we finally found the Way again! At first we needed to walk next to the highway, which is really not at all pleasant! Lots of trucks, pollution and noise! Not what I had in mind when I signed up for the Camino! I wish the warm weather would come again as I don’t mind walking early in the morning, or in the sunshine. This grey mist, which makes everything damp, cold and miserable is making me slightly depressed.

We had rang the private hostel and booked a two dorm room. In the end this was not at all necessary as there were plenty of beds in the Auberge Municipal. Villafranca was a lovely little village that had the highway, and hence the trucks, going through the middle of it! Shame! We got settled in our brand spanking new room, before we went out to explore the village! We had a lovely pilgrim’s menu for only ten euro. Pilgrim’s menus are often only served in the evening, which is too late for me to eat them, as I then go to bed with a full stomach. However as an afternoon big lunch it is ideal. You get an entree, a main course, often meat, pork fish or chicken with chips, and a desert. It also comes with a bottle of wine! So very Spanish! We sat in the dining room of this small place and were the only pilgrims in sight! How wonderful! The food was excellent, the waiter was very funny and cute. And an excellent afternoon was had by all. There was very little to see in Villafranca. We did find a lovely little bar type place where we had some delicious coffee, the little deli like cafe, had strings of garlic hanging down, dried chilies and home made meats and cheeses on display. I did a drawing in my diary before we returned back to our lovely room to have another early night and rest. My left foot I playing up a tad. However the back is holding its own!

Today’s lesson: watch out for trucks on the highway
Today’s gift: All the small villages made it for a lovely and interesting walk