Day nineteen, 19 May 2015,
Redecilla del Camino to Belorado
Started @ 6.00am till 9.30am (12,5kilometres)~3,5hours

At six o clock this morning I started my walk. It was absolutely freezing. Unbelievable? Yesterday it was over thirty degrees and here it is near freezing point all over again. I refused the instant coffee and walked to the next village! Great, due to the early start everything in the next village was closed! No coffee to be had! Not to worry, walk on the the next village! By now the mist was quite heavy and I was starting to get slightly wet on top of being cold! In Viloria de Rioja, I decided to put on my raincoat and cover my backpack. Just as I finished I decided to take some photos of Santo Domingo’s birth place when I heard somebody call my name! Unbelievably, it was Libby! I thought she would all ready be in Belorado! I was so incredibly happy! We walked together as we had done these last few days. It made the sun come out! We were looking for coffee and breakfast, but no such luck! Finally we knocked on the door of what we thought was an hotel! No coffee, no breakfast and no toilet! It was a pig factory! Okay! We just walked on! It wasn’t a long walk and at nine thirty we arrived in Belorado. The first stop was a place where we could have breakfast and a hot cup of coffee! We found a lovely pension for twenty euros each! A hot shower and warm change of clothing and we were ready to face the town. I had some shopping to do, toothpaste, deep heat, chocolate, painkillers, chocolate. We found a place to eat some lunch, stay warm and drink wine through a straw! It is miserably cold outside and beside the two very old churches very little to do! We watched the movie channel, and after quite awhile finally managed to change the Spanish movies into English, rather than English movies dubbed into Spanish, with Spanish subtitles.
Today’s lesson: chocolate cheers you up!
Today’s gift: chocolate cheered me up!
Libby was on my path again! Hurray!