Day eighteen, 18 May 2015,
Santo Domingo de la Calzada to Redecilla del Camino
Started @ 8.15am till 11.45am ( 10,5 kilometres) ~3,5hours

Had a lovely coffee to kick start our walk this morning. My back was absolutely killing me. Every step I took was painful! What to do? After a lovely breakfast Libby and I decided to split up, as I was holding her back something chronic! Her blisters had healed and she was roaring to go!
During breakfast I met a very sexy Polish American man from Maryland, an ex navy officer! Shame he was staying in the very first village I felt, or may be I needed to push on! In the second little town there was an auberge for five euro, and a massage place opposite to the hostel! After I drank a very big cold beer, did some drawings in the Main Street and had an afternoon sleep, I felt reasonably human again! At four o clock I went to the massage place! The lady told me that the damage was deep inside, and pointed out that one hip was higher than the other! She gave me a very weak massage and put these deep heat plasters on my back, strongly advised me NOT to carry my luggage and to stop walking! Okay! Thank you! Great advice! I took her painkillers with a double whiskey and went to bed again at six o clock! I would deal with all this kind of shit tomorrow morning. Right now I want to be Camino free and NOT be a pilgrim any more! I slept until midnight, when two people got up and left the hostel to go and walk? I woke up checked the time and realised that it was bloody midnight! Duh!
Hell, it IS other people you know! Anyway I fell back asleep until six this morning! Twelve hours should do the trick!
Today’s lesson: one’s life can change in a split second
Today’s gift: I got a LARGE double whiskey as the bottle was nearly empty!