Day ten~10 May 2015
Cirauqui to Estelle/Lizarra
started @ 5.45am till 11.45am~15.4 km (6 hours)
Started very early in the morning, and Peter caught up with me very soon! We walked as we talked, and I realised, that yes he was smart, intelligent and interesting, he was also very fond of his own voice! He soon told me all about his “girlfriend” from Denmark. He had mentioned her several times yesterday, and that is fine by me, I am not at all interested in men, nor their dicks, so hold your horses. We walked for quite a while together, and I can actually not remember where we stopped walking together, but I do remember that I felt relieved! I write these blobs after a few days, because after walking for six hours or more, I am quite stuffed to put anything down, or remotely have my brain working in anyway. I rely heavily on my visual diary to provide me with information about my days walked! So if I don’t record it immediately, it gets forgotten! Anyhow I do remember being relieved, as I enjoy, or prefer rather to walk by myself, especially early in the mornings. It is my most contemplating time of the day, which I treasure beyond all.
I had a very contemplative day today, as it was Mother’s Day and it would have been mama’s 91st birthday! So a lot of thinking, talking in my head and forgiving was done today. The walk was perfect and I did quite well. I am up to walking about four kilometres per hour now. I don’t mark how long my breaks are, that I take along the way!
Estelle was a gorgeous town, I took the first hostel that was open, and stumbled for a walk, to see something of the town! This doesn’t often happen because after six hours of walking I just want a hot shower and sleep! I came across a shop, like a new age kind of a shop. There was a poster, a masseuse was on call! This is it! It is Mother’s Day today! Guess what! This is such a good idea? I spoke to the woman, and she rang Helena, and yes, I could have a massage at five o’clock! Great! I went to the square to enjoy a very expensive beer and draw the church. Instead I watched to little kids play with the big fountain in the centre of the square. The had a plastic little cup, and the bossy four year old, kept pushing and bossing the little boy around. She was apogee full girl! All dressed up in her gorgeous Sunday clothes! They were such fun to watch, I did in the mean time a lousy drawing of the stairway to the church door. Then went to have some lunch and use the free wifi, showered and went back to the shop for my massage. Imagine my face when I was introduced to Miguel! It was not at all HOW I had imagined Helena to look like! Anyway he was a Reiki Master and I was going to get a Reiki massage. Well, what a surprise this was. This man was just amazing. This was without a doubt one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. In a very short amount of time I felt he had entered into my brain, this has happened only once before with one of the most special people in my life. I went into such a deep, deep state of meditation, I could barely open my eyes, I floated out of the room and was no longer present on the massage table.
At one stage Miguel used, what I thought was a marijuana cigarette, and I wanted to tell him I was severely allergic to this stuff, but couldn’t move, speak or act in any way. I was told later it was sage, that he was burning. He blew some of the smoke into my ears, and it felt as if he send flames of heat, all the way through my shoulder joints, hip joints and knees and ankles. I had no idea what was happening, but this severe burning sensation turned into a pleasant overall healing feeling. All my aches and pains were soon gone, it was without a doubt the most intense experience ever! As he held his hands over my ears, it felt as if he was burning all the negativity out of my body! Unreal is a word that comes to mind. He gave me over an hour and a half of massage, for the price of twenty five minutes that we agreed upon! Unbelievable! He asked me if I had felt him enter my body! This sounds so “sexual”, but this is NOT what he meant, nor what it was at all! He DID enter my mind, I was shot into outer space, and it felt a lot like tandem astral travelling! I just floated out of the room, back to the hostel and slept like a new born baby all night long! DiDn’t even wake up for a toilet call! Wow! What a Mother’s Day gift! Miguel studied in Mexico, and I would love to find out who he studied with and where! This is something so unbelievable, I would love to learn more about this!

Today’s lesson; spoil yourself
Today’s gift; Transcending reality