DDay fourteen~14 May 2015,
We woke up at eight o clock! I had a wonderful hot bath, relaxed worked in my diary, and dozed a while. We slowly got our shit together, but for some reason or other, the time flew and suddenly it was eleven o clock! We raced around the corner to have breakfast, and came back to the hotel and asked the receptionist to ring the hostel Municipal, to book us two beds before we started our eight kilometre walk. Not possible, the man said, you can only book private hostels and this hostel was not private! Oops! It was by now nearly twelve o clock and very, very windy, the eight kilometres were up the hill, and was going to take us much longer than the three hours we had planned for it. The next town was another ten kilometres away there was no way that we could do eighteen kilometres to day in the time allocation we had. Libby’s feet were still one big blister, and I had worn my newly bought sandals, which created some problems for my feet too. Sigh, what to do? We went upstairs to pack our bags, as check out time was twelve. As we were packing I apologised to Libby, I could have organised our day for today much better, which of course had nothing to do with me at all. We looked at each other and said at the same time let’s just stay one more night. It is a gorgeous little town and I have complaining that there is very little energy left for drawing and sight seeing. So day 14 became just that!
I spend the day sight seeing, drawing, walking to the top of the look out, and generally just totally enjoying myself. I was far behind with the diary, blob and other stuff. Wifi was very bad and kept falling out at all times. It is sometimes hard NOT to force myself to do all these updates for other people! To be honest however if I don’t write about my day as soon as it is over, I forget the whole Camino becomes one big blur! All the villages look the same, all the churches feel the same, and before you know it, the whole Camino sounds the same to!
Today’s lesson: check local information the day BEFORE you walk!
(you can book a bed in a PRIVATE hostel NOT in a Municipal (public) hostel)
Today’s gift: Relax~Restore~Regroup my energies!