DAY TWENTY SIX, 26 May 2015,
Started @ 8.00am till 11.30am

A very crispy morning! Lovely start to the day! Lucia ‘s first day! Burgos was quiet and still. Not much traffic around! We stopped around the corner for a coffee, before walking along the river to the Camino. There is a green belt going through the city and it was a stunning part of town to walk through. On the bridge we met other pilgrims and soon we were out of town and on our way! It was not a hard walk, all flat surfaced, and easy going, we detoured via a small village, in the hope to find some breakfast! This was not possible until 10.30 am we looked at the church, took photos of the storks, and left. Back on the Way!

We came across a lovely lady, Maria, who redirected us to a short cut as a large viaduct was being built across the highway. I suggested she sat up a small business, selling hot coffee and fruit or bread to passing peregrinos , who didn’t have breakfast yet! It didn’t take us long to get to the next place where we stopped for lunch, or brunch rather! On the way we listened to the koekoek bird, sounding like my parents clock! We arrived in Rabe de las Calzada very quickly and sat down, drawing and waiting for the door to open. It is a gorgeous little town and after a hot shower and some sunshine it was time to look for a bar. A large cold beer did go down well. The owner of the bar, Jose Maria, was delightful and very friendly. He showed us all the souvenirs the pelegrinos had left behind! I was told by the lovely Clementina, of our hostel that there was no place in town to eat! I HAD to book a dinner, which was not quite true!

 Today’s lesson: start your drawing small
Today’s gift: another medallion from Jose