DAY TWENTY SEVEN, 27 May 2015,
started @ 7.00am till 11.30 am~14.7 kilometres

It was a fabulous day, with a slow start! Lucia is a fiddler! It means she takes forever to get ready! Hm. I might have to start walking before she is ready, other wise this will drive me crazy.
The weather was great, although quite cold and very windy. We walked through fields and fields of poppies today. Stunning.

I had not booked an accommodation at all, it does not seem to worry me anymore. But as we walked along Lucia kept asking if it would be all right. I kept re assuring her that there would be a bed for sure in San Bol!

When we finally saw the first and only house I was rather concerned, there was NO church! Only one house! Oops! What was this? A small hamlet with only an Albergue. Shit, I worried myself stupid wishing and hoping there would be beds available! And of course there were! The Albergue had ten beds available and we had number two and three! There were showers but not very hot! I bought something to eat and a bottle of wine and we all had an impromptu picnic in the garden surrounded by poppies.

There was a Fuente with ice cold water that had healing qualities, I stuck my feet under and worked out that your feet would be frozen so they felt like they were healed!
I had a long afternoon nap, with my foot up as it was still painful and swollen. Slowly the Albergue filled up. I had not too much interest in talking to other pilgrims as the conversation is constantly the same; where did you start? How many kilometres do you do a day? What? A rest day? Oh, then you are NOT a true pilgrim! It is this “I am holier than thou” attitude that pisses me right off. Lucia however had not yet many other pilgrims and she thrived in hearing their stories. Some were very funny. Especially the American woman, who encountered this crazy French man. Apparently she told the story quite funnily and I could hear everything what was being said. So didn’t really miss out much! Although I would have rather slept to be honest!

That evening we all had a communal dinner, as there was no where else to eat or to go. The French were very funny, and ended up introducing themselves to us all. It was really lovely and in the end there were twelve pilgrims. Two of the Frenchmen were put upstairs in the attic, where our beds were. One of them was the worst snorer I had come across. Although up to now I have not yet come across anybody as bad as Pete was! In the middle of the night I just woke him up told him in sign language that he was snoring and to turn around. He did and a peaceful night was had by all!
Today’s lesson: thought is power
Today’s gift: the beautiful poppies every where and finches singing