So here I was on the 31 of December at eight o’clock in the morning, going on a motor BOAT (!!!!) for over an hour to our landing place for the famous Mokoro. There were seven of us. Two young English people, (the girl who talked non stop for the WHOLE day!!!) an Australian lawyer and her English boyfriend and an elderly German couple and of course me. We saw several Fish eagles, one so incredibly close, awesome! There was only one crocodile to be seen, and sooo small I wouldn’t even classify it as a croc! Lots of African Jacana (jesus’birds as they walk on water, we have them in the North of Australia as well)

After an hour on the motor boat we arrived at the landing place for the Mokoros. I received a canoe all for myself, as it only fits two people at the time. Shame they are now made out of fibreglass, rather then the traditional wooden ones. I had envisioned this, calmly gliding over the waters of the Delta, listening to the gentle waves clacking against the Mokoro, hearing the plop~ plop ~plop of the pole as the poler gently pushes us deeper and deeper into the Delta. Instead I had to listen to this girl constantly talking, asking silly questions such as is fibre glass made out of wood?” Voices carry so much over the waters. I know, I know, for the people who know ME, I too talk a mile a minute, for sure. But NOT in nature!!! (or when I am painting!!)

The Delta is covered with lotus leaves and reeds, at times there was nothing but a small path to get through.