Art and Culture in Peru

 It was unfortunate planning on my part, that I arrived in Lima, Peru during Semana Santa. The first twenty three hours were wasted on just sleeping! Only to find out that on Thursday and Good Friday all the galleries and musea were closed! I had picked my hostel, just because it was located close to the Museo de Arte Contemporaro. Fortunately my bus to Trujillo left at 10.00pm on Saturday night, which meant I could spend all day indulging myself in the art and culture of Peru. I did however enjoy the many murals and street art the day before.

At the MAC entrance I met a delightful couple from Bath, England. We kept finding each other in front of the same paintings and sculptures. The space was enormous. The museum was opened in 20017 and was indeed very impressive. What I liked was that each work of art was given plenty of space around it, the dark blue walls enhanced the works as well.

There was an enormous painting, which kept pulling me back. It was in black and white, very layered, very intriguing. Imagine my surprise when I found out it was painted by a Dutchman, Gam Klutier, who has been living in Peru since 1981. After googled him, and saw more images of his work on line, I became a big fan. I enjoy the palimpsest intrigue, wanting to see beyond the first layer. I hereby include some more photos of works that I enjoyed.

When Amal and I started talking, she invited me for a coffee. Amal was born in Iraq, an English mother and an Iraqi father. Her husband Salah was originally from Yemen. Salah is a retired eye specialist for children, and Amal is fluent in six languages and works as a translator. Fascinating and interesting people.

We found out that we were going to the same museum afterwards, so they suggested to catch a taxi. Non of the taxies stopped, so I suggested to jump on a local bus instead. Of course my high energy and enthusiasm, made us all jump off at the wrong place! Yeah, well, this is how I travel! It was a huge craft centre, terribly expensive, but magnificent handmade goods. There was a hand crafted bed, which really was a sculpture! Hand woven, hand knitted, gorgeous dresses and jumpers. At two hundred dollars a jumper, I left them in the shop!

We, well, I, decided to walk to the next museum. Pedro the Osma. The building alone was just awesome. It was mainly religious art, but at the back was a delightful, gallery with sculptures. Afterwards my new found friends and I said good bye. I declined to share a taxi, preferring to walk the hour back to my hotel. Passing another gallery called ” MATE”, the Argentinian social drink! It had a great collection of photos by Mario Tesserino, who took the last photographs of Diana, just before her death. He is a famous Vogue photographer. Thoroughly enjoyable!

That night I took the ten hour bus to Trujillo, sleeping for nine and a half hours! I arrived totally rested, I had arranged to an early check in! So I showered, put on my lovely new dress, my friend Kym gave me, and went to the Cathedral of Freedom. Just in time for the Easter service, where first the tragedy in Sri Lanka was acknowledged. The Mass was deeply touching, the bishop speaking slowly and clearly. I nearly understood it all! The cathedral itself was stunningly beautiful. All the ceilings were painted, it was light, bright and very warm and welcoming. On the way out the bishop blessed all the people, he stood still in front of me and said something to me, before I received the blessing! When I turned back to the front, the woman next to me hugged me, while she had tears in her eyes! I have NO idea what all that was about!

That same afternoon I went to the famous Chan Chan site. I had not planned to do tours, but I was rested, had energy and the tours were dirt cheap. All the famous sites near Trujillo are part of the Moche culture, from I-VIII AD. I only knew what I had read in the Lonely Planet. Fascinating history. I went to see El Brujo, where the Lady of Cao, was found in 2005, wrapped in layers of cloth. Found dressed, with all her teeth, hair, dress and jewellery. She was probably between 20 or 25 years old, and might have died in child birth. One of the most beautiful places was the Huancas del Sol y La Luna. Absolutely fascinating!

I had every intention to go to Chiclayo, further north. However, I had booked myself here for three nights, not realising that the only bus to Ecuador, does NOT stop in Chiclayo!! I needed two more days! Shame! Due to jetlag, Easter, and of course bad planning as usual, I am missing out. Ah, well, I found half day tours easier, and more interesting than full days. I have a need to wander around the streets, going to musea, visit old local houses, and take it easy. Leaving for Ecuador tonight. Flying to the Galápagos Sunday morning. I am thinking of coming back this way, time permitting. Ready to go on.


On the road again, another time, another place.


Gorgeous Galápagos


  1. Richard Green

    Looking forward to your Galapagos pics!

    • ineke

      Thank you Richard! I have problems with the iPad, re photos! It keeps telling me I have NO storage!! I am taking lots of photos with your camera! It fits neatly in my hand. And I just LOVE the Tele lens!! Kind regards ineke

  2. Katrina

    Fantastic blob Ineke. Great photos of the artworks. What an amazing time you have had already, and so much more to come!!!

    • ineke

      Hello there Katrina, thank you so much! I appreciate your comments! I was disappointed in the MAAC here!! Mind you the young man whom I spoke to just looked like Jesus!! I thought I thought this, except I said it out loud!! Oops!! People are just so incredibly nice!! One more sleep then Galápagos!! With love ineke

  3. Denies

    As usual love reading what you are upto xxx

    • ineke

      Hello there Denise, thank you so much for your reply! Much appreciated! I am having a blast!! Took about four days to find my travel mojo! With love ineke

  4. Nina

    Hi Ineke, what a wonderful array of photos of paintings, murals, plaster Religious sculpture, Cathedral ceilings and figurines. It’s a feast for my eyes !! Lovely to hear about all the interesting people you meet en route as well !! I’m so glad you’re doing your Blob !! It was the most interesting part of my winter, 2018, Nina xoxo

    • ineke

      Thank you so much Nina. Wifi is bad here on Galápagos. So I am writing but not posting till main land!., it is 4.30 am and I am sitting in the lobby in my nightie! Wifi good this time of the night!., love ineke

  5. Janet church

    Great start to another wonderful trip, Ineke and i’m Really looking forward to some amazing Galapagos photos, followed by another interesting ‘blob’. Stay safe and happy travels.

    • ineke

      It is so good to be back in South America! I always feel like I belong here!., love ineke

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